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Terms and Conditions



  1. In these general terms and conditions of service (“Terms”), “we”, “us” or “Barre Works” refers to Barre Works Pte. Ltd., a company incorporated in Singapore, and “our” shall be construed accordingly. “You” or the “Participant” refers to you and/or your child/charge attending any classes by Barre Works, and “your” shall be construed accordingly.

  2. Each of you and Barre Works shall hereinafter be referred to as a “Party”, and collectively, you and Barre Works shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Parties”.

  3. Your use of the services provided by Barre Works whether dance-related, exercise-related or otherwise (“Services”) is subject to these Terms as may be amended by us from time to time at our sole and absolute discretion. These Terms shall also include any other rules, codes, policies and procedures which we may issue from time to time.

  4. We may revise these Terms at any time with notice to you and any changes will be made available at the website and/or premises of Barre Works. These changes shall take effect from the date of availability at the website and/or premises of Barre Works and your continued use of the Services from such date shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the new Terms. It shall be your sole responsibility to check for such changes from time to time. If you do not agree to these Terms, please cease usage of all the Services immediately.

  5. Any personal data or information which you provide to us is also subject to the latest version of our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), which is incorporated by reference into these Terms.

  6. By submitting any information to us or participating in any of the Services as provided and offered by Barre Works, you:

a) agree to be bound by and to abide by the latest version of the Terms and in accordance with our Privacy Policy; and

b) you are of legal age to use the Services and/or authorised to allow the use of the Services by your child/charge, and to create binding legal and obligations for any obligations or liability you may incur as a result of the use of the Services.

  7. In these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires:


  1. Participants shall make payment for classes on a per-term basis and payments on a per-class or per-month basis are not permitted. All payments made are non-transferable and non-refundable. Participants are also not entitled to pro-rating or credits for fees paid in the event of non-attendance of classes.

  2. Class packages must be utilised within 3 months from signing up of such packages which include private coaching classes and adult ballet open classes. 

  3. Notwithstanding the above paragraphs, Barre Works may consider a refund or credit at its discretion in the event of prolonged non-attendance for reasons such as serious illness that requires hospitalization and/or physical injuries which affect the ability to participate in the Services such as fractures. In such case, Barre Works may make a partial (50%) refund/credit of fees of such classes where the Participant is unable to attend with submission of valid medical certificates and/or statements.

  4. Barre Works permits pro-rating of term fees prior to payment in the event a Participant will not be attending classes for vacations during the relevant school holiday of such Participant provided written notice has been provided to Barre Works prior to commencement of the term. Please let us know as soon as practicable so that a revised invoice may be prepared for the Participant.

  5. All fees are subject to review and revision from time to time. Barre Works may make revisions to fees at its discretion provided prior written notice of such revision is given to the Participants not less than two months prior to the commencement of the Term.

  6. Refunds will not be given where a class has to be rescheduled due to the sickness or unavailability of the teacher or venue, for health or safety reasons or any other unforeseen event. The rescheduled class may be on a different day and time from when originally scheduled, and may involve an extension to the term time dates and a change of teacher. In the event Barre Works is required to close its premises for any reason by the relevant authorities, classes may not be re-scheduled and will be cancelled.

  7. Participants who are unable to attend classes due to compulsory school events or illness/injury are permitted to attend make-up classes provided documentary evidence by the school/doctor is provided to Barre Works.  Missed classes cannot be carried forward to the next term and make-up classes have to be scheduled within the same term only. Participants are entitled to a maximum of 2 make-up classes per term. Make-up classes are subject to availability and may be arranged by Barre Works via remote attendance manner such as zoom.

  8. Classes will not be conducted on public holidays, during dance examinations and other ballet activities such as concerts rehearsals and performances. Such classes will not be replaced.

  9. Participants who wish to withdraw from classes are required to provide written notice to Barre Works no later than 30 days before the last day of the term. Failure to provide such written notice in time will result in an administrative fee of $100 late withdrawal fee payable by the Participant to Barre Works, which Barre Works may set off against any deposit paid and accordingly such deposit will not be refunded.   

  10. In the event required notice of withdrawal had been provided, Barre Works will return the deposit on the last day of the term in such manner as it deems appropriate, whether by cash/cheque/electronic payment. In the event such return of deposit has not been collected within 1 month from the last day of the term or the Participant does not agree to acknowledge receipt of repayment of the deposit, such deposit shall not be returned the Participants agrees that such deposit may be utilised by Barre Works as a fee for the administration and processing of the Participant’s withdrawal.

  11. In the event notice of withdrawal has not been provided prior to the commencement of the term, the Participant is deemed to be automatically enrolled for the next term and term fees are payable.

  12. Participants who withdraw from any programme and re-join will also be subjected to payment registration fee, vacancies of the relevant classes and discretion of Barre Works to admit the Participant.

  13. Invoices must be settled prior to starting classes or the commencement of the term. Failure to pay in line with these terms may result in the Participant being excluded from classes until full payment is received. Barre Works reserves the right at any time during the term to ask a Participant to leave a class if any fees remain outstanding after the start of term. If the Participant attends any classes during the term, the Participant is liable to pay for the full term’s invoice.

  14. Participants are subject to a late payment fee of $50 or such other amount as may be notified by Barre Works from time to time in the event full term fee payment has not been made by the 10th day of the commencement of the new term. Barre Works reserves the right to charge a late payment interest of 10% of the invoice amount in the event payment has not been made before the 14th day of the commencement of the new term.

  15. In the event the class is deemed to be full by Barre Works, late paying Participants may not be entitled to a place in such class.

  16. In the event fees are paid electronically to Barre Works, receipt by Barre Works is only deemed made in the event a screenshot/receipt of such electronic transaction has been provided to Barre Works with the invoice number indicated via email to admin or such other channel as may be notified by Barre Works.

  17. Fees are currently exempt from Goods and Services Tax (GST). In the event Barre Works is registered for GST, fees would be subject to GST.  


  1. Class schedule for each term will be determined by Barre Works, which reserves the right to combine, transfer, or dissolve a class anytime as necessary.

  2. Should a class be cancelled by Barre Works during the term, other than pursuant to Barre Works closing its premises as required by the relevant authorities, Participants will be referred to an alternative class, or re-scheduled to another day, or given additional time during existing class until the lost time has been compensated.

  3. Barre Works reserves the right to alter the advertised programme and faculty without prior notice. The information in any printed or electronic timetable/information pack/notice was correct at the time of publication.

  4. Participants must keep to regular attendance. This is to ensure consistency in their progress. The respective teacher or office staff should be kept informed if the Participants is unable to attend any class for any reasons.

  5. Participants are required to attend such classes and at such frequency as may be prescribed by Barre Works from time to time, to continue in a class or be promoted to any other class.  Barre Works has the discretion to require a student to attend classes at a level (including retention at the current level) it deems appropriate from time to time.

  6. Barre Work reserves the right, at any time, to determine if Participant may participate in any examination. If a Participant is not fit for any dance examination as determined by Barre Works, the Participant will be required to either sign up for extra coaching classes and/or retain in the same level for another year.

  7. Barre Works may require participants to have appropriate personal training and performance equipment for classes and the Participants would bear the cost of such equipment.  



  1. A Code of Conduct will be issued to Participants and Participants shall observe such code. Failure to observe such code may result in participants being asked to leave a class or withdraw from Barre Works, as may be determined by Barre Works in its absolute discretion. No refund will be given if the Code of Conduct has been invoked.

  2. Dance is a physical activity and the teacher or teaching assistant may have to assist your child’s understanding of an action, posture or position by physical contact e.g. holding hands in a circle; correcting posture, lifting. The Participant consents to relevant BW Reps having contact with your child in this regard. If there are any concerns regarding this matter, please contact Barre Works immediately.

  3. The Participant’s enrolment into a class is voluntary and participation in the class and the activities of the services may involve numerous risks of injury. The Participant must inform Barre Works and all teaching staff of any injuries, medical conditions and allergies suffered by the Participant.

  4. We will not assume responsibility for the supervision of the Participant outside of his/her class or if the Participant chooses to leaves the premises without permission from any teacher or for any other reason



Any communication regarding Participants, classes or information will be sent by Barre Works to the Participant at such address as may be notified in writing by the Participant. The Participant is deemed to have received any notifications or information sent to such address.  




  1. Terms and conditions specific to workshops, examinations and other additional activities conducted by Barre Works shall apply and in the event of any inconsistencies, the terms and conditions specified for such workshops, examinations and other activities shall apply.

  2. For the avoidance of doubt, term fees paid do not include any workshops, examinations and other additional activities and participation by the Participants is subject to sign-ups and additional fees.

  3. Places for workshops or other additional activities are secured only on full payment of fees which are non-refundable.



  1. Costume deposits and relevant fees and expenses will be required for each Participant if participating in any event requiring a costume. (i.e. public performances, and Barre Work’s annual performance etc.) If a Participant fails to pay the required costume deposit and relevant fees and expenses, no costume will be provided.

  2. A Participant is responsible for his/her costume and shall bear the cost of any damages to the costume.

  3. Participation by a Participant in any performance is subject to the sole discretion of Barre Works and meeting prescribed attendance at rehearsals for such performances.

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, term fees paid do not include any competitions and performances and participation by the Participants is subject to sign-ups and additional fees.



  1. Participants are advised not to bring any valuables or leave any valuables unattended. In the event of any loss or theft, you acknowledge and confirm that you shall have no right(s), claim(s) or causes of action in any way whatsoever against Barre Works.

  2. All costs and expenses incurred as a result of any damage, injury, loss, expense or liability that may be caused to public and/or private property by the Participant will be borne by the Participant personally or by his/her parents/guardians.


Participation in the Services and these Terms shall not entitle you to any intellectual property rights, including the rights in relation to the use, for any purpose, of any information, image, user interface, logos, trademarks, trade names or copyright in connection Barre Works.



  1. In addition and without prejudice to any other right or remedy under these Terms and to the maximum extent permitted by all applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore and except as otherwise provided in these Terms:

a) Barre Works shall not be liable for any claims, loss or damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the Services;

b) in any event of any liability of Barre Works, the aggregate quantum of such liability, in tort, contract or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with the use of Services shall be limited to fees paid by the Participant; and

c) you hereby agree to waive all rights to assert any claims under applicable laws and agree that you may make claims based only on these Terms.

  2. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore, you shall indemnify, defend, and hold Barre              Works its directors, instructors, administrators, volunteers, contractors and employees (“BW Reps”) harmless from and against any and all Losses                    (including but not limited to reasonable legal fees incurred and/or those necessary to successfully establish the right to indemnification) filed/incurred by        any third party against any of Barre Works and/or the BW Reps arising out of a breach of the Terms or the Code of Conduct.



Any failure by Barre Works to enforce these Terms or to assert any right(s), claim(s) or causes of action against you under these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of the right of Barre Works to assert any right(s), claim(s) or causes of action against you.



a) These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

b) Each of the Parties irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore for any dispute.


Save for the BW Reps who shall have rights to the extent accorded thereto under the agreement with Barre Works and these Terms, a person who is not a Party shall not have any rights whatsoever under these Terms or to enforce these Terms.



If any of these Terms is rendered void, illegal or unenforceable by any legislation to which it is subject, it shall be rendered void, illegal or unenforceable to that extent and no further and, for the avoidance of doubt, the rest of these Terms shall continue to be valid and in full force and effect.

Updated: 11th December 2020

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