Lyrical Contemporary

Contemporary is an abstract and interpretive genre that evolved from the desire to break away from Classical Ballet lines. It explores and challenges the capabilities of a dancer's body. Combining this abstract form with Lyrical, where movements have a strong connection with the lyrics of a song, every routine should feel like a short choreography telling a different story. Lyrical Contemporary is great for dancers looking to expose themselves to other dance genres or to challenge themselves with something new.



Jazz dance is an umbrella term that encompasses many different styles of dance that have evolved and gained popularity in the early 20th century. Its roots originate in African American dances, and subsequently evolved to include a range of social styles such as Charleston and Jitterbug. Over the decades, Modern Jazz began to develop with the introduction of intricate choreography with a greater Ballet and Modern influence, especially on Broadway stages which resulted in a more theatrical style of Jazz.Today, Jazz dance continues to be ever-evolving as it is influenced by various styles of music. It has grown to include and blend with styles such as Street Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Contemporary.


The classes are non-syllabus based and are structured to provide students with an understanding of their bodies, style of dance and technique required. Lessons begin with warm up and proceed to build through a range of techniques that will be reinforced through choreography. They are designed to help each child develop their overall body coordination, strength and individual dance style in a fun, engaging manner.

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