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Adult Ballet



Our Adult Ballet classes are suitable for adults of all ages, with or without prior ballet training. Our non-syllabus based adult open ballet classes aim to provide progressive Classical Ballet training in a supportive environment. You will learn the fundamentals of Classical Ballet technique, work on improving posture and enhancing coordination, all while being part of a supportive adult ballet community. We provide an encouraging and friendly space for adults to enjoy classical ballet with their peers.

We also welcome adults keen on learning the RAD syllabus.  Simply drop us a message and we'll be in touch!

Pointe Classes



Designed for students who are fresh en pointe, pointe foundation is a beginner level class that focuses on the fundamental principles of pointe work. This class involves classical training with simple exercises to build strength in the ankles and feet in preparation for more advanced movements.  Whether one is ready to go on pointe will be assessed by the student’s muscle strength and physical development for safety purposes.



This is an intermediate level pointe class and students must have prior training (at least one year) in pointe work. This class will involve more technically progressive exercises both at the barre, in the center and across the floor. Technique required is faster and more demanding, with focus on building stability, stamina and skills.



This is the most advanced level pointe class where students should already be comfortable and stable on pointe. At this level, technique is more demanding and students work towards more advanced choreography in preparation for variations on pointe.

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Ballet Conditioning

Ballet Conditioning is a supplementary class specially designed to improve flexibility, strength and posture, by incorporating the use of various equipment such as weights, resistance bands and yoga blocks.


This class works on strengthening targeted muscle groups that will be beneficial to dancers in their regular technique training. Exercises will tone and lengthen the muscles to create the ideal long and lean Classical Ballet lines. Dancers will also build better body awareness, resulting in more efficient and effective training with the added benefit of reducing the risk of injuries.

This class is open to all ages starting from 6 years old.

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